Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thank you to everyone who's prayed for and asked about Alarice. She is home now and beginning her recovery. Please continue to pray for her and the whole family.

Sickness, sickness, sickness! Both my boys have gone through another bout of the severe cold that's been hanging around for so long. We had three days of fever with each of them and they are both still coughing and have runny noses. I'm so looking forward to spring coming! I'm hoping it will bring an end to all this sickness when it ushers in the new season.

To complicate my life even more, :) my computer decided to get "sick" too and come down with a severe case of the trojans!!!! Thankfully, after three days of intense therapy (Thanks, Manu) it's back up and running better than before.

I didn't realize over the past year or so how much "free" time I actually had because of staying in my parents house! It's amazing me how much there is still left to do to get my new home up to par. With all the sickness, travelling and a multitude of other interruptions, we are slowly getting things together. This past weekend, my hubby and I spent the day going through stacks and stacks of boxes and organizing things into store, sell, and trash piles. Needless to say, we are all set to have a HUGE yard sale at the beginning of next month. Yay for progress!! hehe

I still have nothing hanging on my walls, but that's our next Saturday project. I'm hoping it will be next week since we will once again be in San Antonio this weekend.

A quick prayer request before I sign off for now--

My parents, Pat and Dianne Horner, will be flying out tomorrow afternoon to return to the mission field. Please keep them in prayer as this trip holds more challenges and difficulties than ever before. We trust that the Lord who sends them also goes before them to provide for every need that arises!

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