Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know that my blog hasn't had a lot of regular posts the last couple weeks. I've been busy with staying busy. This time in March is always difficult for us, and there was only so much I felt that I could keep sharing here on the blog.

I've also been so burdened for Kristy, the young lady who lost her husband this weekend. The Lord will not allow me to forget her plight. Also, not something I could just keep posting about.

Motherhood has been requiring an increasing amount of my time, not that it ever stops taking time, but it seems to be harder these days. Maybe it's me--maybe it's the fact that my three-year old has needed so much extra care and discipline and training lately. Whatever the causes, I've been burdened and not felt able to share a lot of my thoughts publicly.

There are so many areas in which the Lord is dealing with me. My heart has not been right. But I'm beginning to see that repentance and grace are evident each day. Am I still struggling with my areas of weakness? Yes, sometimes, but the Lord remains faithful and is teaching me and convicting me and never leaving me alone. I thank Him for that.

So, be patient with me! The care-free posts about saving and shopping have just not been that important to me with all the serious issues I/we have been handling. I'll try to include more of that as I can, but I also want to be careful to use wisely what time I have and not allow this blog or any others to eat up every moment of my day. I'm beginning to learn more clearly what it means to think on the things of Christ continually and to be the Christian wife and mother I am meant to be, and I don't want to give that up or lose that conviction by becoming too wrapped up in keeping things fresh here. I hope you understand.


blaire said...

Rebekah, I so appreciate your honestly and genuine's so very refreshing!! You aren't trying to put up a false front, but rather you're being honest about your feeling, emotions, and struggles as a mom. I'm so very sorry that life right now has been some what difficult- with kids and the situation with your friend's husband passing away, but our Father offers us grace upon grace to get through those times of confusion, frustration, and tears.
I don't know you personally, but i have been reading your blog here some recently. Through your writing i feel as if you reveal your heart to your readers... it's a beautiful thing, Rebekah!

Mrs. Walker said...

Thank you, Blair! I appreciate your comment so much and I love knowing new people are coming by here.

Cathy said...

Rebekah, I think that age three is the hardest with boys. Especially with bright boys who need to examine everything to the minutest detail. I am blessed to have a husband who encourages satisfying curiosity in a safe way. My first boy was always so bright that it was hard to keep up with him, and keep him busy. But keeping him busy kept him out of trouble.

It is time consuming, but worth it to keep giving those boys constructive things to do. What helped us was to give our boys things that most people would not give three- and four-year-olds. Here is a partial list:

Real tools that really cut real wood, pound real nails, and drive real screws.

An erector set.

An assortment of old electronic stuff to take apart, like tape players, stereos, etc.

At age four, Nathanael took one of those old tape players, fixed it, and used it for his own personal use.

Now Nathanael is a certified computer technician with a computer system that he put together himself. This system is so advanced and up to date that you can't buy anything better in any computer store.

So I suggest that you give Ryan lots of real things to experiment with. Give him a safe place in which to do it. (We set aside part of our cellar when Nate was little.) Set rules about it, to teach him to put away the tools and not plug anything in without permission, but otherwise try to let him do his thing within the place you assign to him.

I know that a lot of moms are probably cringing at this comment, but I speak from experience. And I just gave birth to my seventh boy. That should count for something!;)

Mrs. Walker said...

Thanks for the ideas, Cathy! I know most moms would cringe, but it makes sense to me. Keeping busy does keep him out of trouble!!! And anything that daddy does, he wants to do too. I think it's just a normal son thing!