Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My CVS-ing Update

There has been a decided lack of "deals from CVS" posts on my blog lately. Let me explain.

Honestly, I'm a big bit bummed about them cancelling all the cool coupons we've been using. I mostly have been trading in my few ECBs for the same amount of ECBs.

I've had trouble getting a regular supply of manufacturer's coupons to make it worth the effort of getting both my boys in and out of the store with my sanity intact. Don't get me wrong. They are generally well-behaved boys, but still, it's hard to sit that long when mommy's shopping. Ryan has gotten to yelling "NO!!" in a horrified tone as soon as he realizes we are going to CVS.

But, I digress.

I subscribed to the local paper hoping that would cure the serious lack of coupons in the paper bought off the stand, but alas, it did not. They still only put in a skinny little insert with not even half of the coupons to be found in a big city Sunday paper. I'm so cancelling my subscription. Making a note to self....

What are my options???? I don't live in an area where I can readily pick up a paper on a weekly basis. The local grocery store carries the Houston paper, but if you're not there EARLY Sunday morning, they run out. Doesn't work too well for me. I guess I'm going to be looking into getting a subscription to the Ft. Worth, Dallas or San Antonio paper. I hope it's worth the money.

Also, with the exception of last week, the deals lately just haven't appealed to me. I'm stocked up on all the essentials, so it just hasn't been worth the effort. I wanted to go last week, but with my parents leaving and our travelling, it just didn't work out.

So, when and if I get more motivated to regularly tackle CVS-ing, I'll post pictures and reports on how I'm doing. Until then, go check out Money Saving Mom and A Call To Higher Places for good deals and encouragement on getting started for yourself.

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Mom2fur said...

You're so right about the deals at CVS lately. I hope it is just a lull, and that soon there will be some goodies for us!
By any chance, does the store put the Sunday paper out on Saturday night? I know that some around here do. It might be worth a look.
You can also buy coupons really, really cheap on eBay!