Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just a quick update...

I won't be able to post much the next several days because I'll be attacking the piles of boxes at my new house!

I also have two sick boys, a sick husband, and little energy due to more middle-of-the-night calls from Brandon. He's absolutely miserable with a runny nose and general cold symptoms. Do you know how hard it is to nurse when you can't breathe through your nose??? Poor little guy! I wish there was something I could do to make him better faster or at least alleviate his symptoms, but there's nothing that I can buy at the store to help him since "they" pulled all the baby meds off the shelves the last few months. I suppose the doctor could prescribe something, but I'm really trying to avoid that for now. But if he's not better by this time next week, we're for sure going in...maybe before that if we get desperate. Any tips on how I can help him to breathe better or something I can give him to help him feel better and dry up his nose? Anything would be appreciated!

Well, I'm off to turn off the chicken cooking on my stove and try to get a shower while I can. (Yes, it's VERY late to be taking a shower, but a lack of hot water combined with my fussy boys has kept me from an early shower today.)

Hopefully, if all goes well, the next time I'm able to really blog, I'll be doing so from my new house!!! YAY!!!!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Wife and Mother--Called by God

Hello Ladies! Good morning to you all.

As I was perusing blogs today, I read this wonderful post by Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood. It was an encouragement to me to keep on in my ministry to my husband and my boys, for it is the calling placed upon me by my God. I hope you will check it out when you have a spare moment. Here's a few lines to get you started!

In answer to a question regarding seeking ministry opportunities outside of our homes, Crystal writes,

I love to reach out to others from our home as I'm able to in the little cracks of leftover time I have. This is one reason I blog and write during nap time, pray for missionaries or needy people while I'm washing dishes, or find a spare moment here and there to write an encouraging letter to someone going through a difficult time.

We're also constantly seeking ways we can minister as a family to others by having people into our home, visiting the elderly, or reaching out to our neighbors. I want to instill a servant's heart in my children by having them work alongside mommy and daddy to reach out to a lost and dying world or to hold up the arms of those who are weary in the Body of Christ....

At this point in my life, however, I don't feel like it would be right for me to regularly leave my children - even for a few hours each week - in order to reach out to others. My husband and children are my greatest outreach.

To read more, click here!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yesterday morning, we loaded up and headed to Abilene to do a little shopping. We mostly shopped at CVS. I've been telling my dad and mom about my adventures in savings money and stockpiling at CVS, and they've been interested in how it's done. Well, I have to say, with all the after-Thanksgiving sales going on, my mom and I both did great! The pictures below are only of what I bought, but my mom basically got the same things, with only a few variations.

I had WAY too many items to take the time to break it all down specifically, but I will tell you that between three transactions, I only spent $1.17 out of pocket!!!!! Not to shabby! :)

Nearly everything I bought earned me more ECB's. I don't know that exacts of what I had when I started, but I ended the day with about $68 in ECB's for next week. I also have the following to add to my collection of household goods and goodies!

3- 100 oz Laundry Soap (Last week I paid, $9.99 for one of these at HEB. We found them for $3.50-$3.98 on sale!!! Great deal for me, especially since my ECB's paid for them!)

4 tubes of toothpaste(all ECB earners)

3 Feminine Wash(ECB earners)

1 2-pk CVS bar soap(ECB earner)

2 bags of holiday peanut M&Ms(ECB earners)

3 boxes Hershey's dark chocolate(ECB earners)

Excedrin PM (on sale, don't remember if it earned ECB's)

Advil PM (ECB earner)

Softsoap Body Wash(ECB earner)

Johnson's Softlotion(ECB earner)

Enviga Sparkling Green Tea(ECB earner)

2 Sunmaid Raisin(Good deal on sale and MFC)

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer(A favorite product that I haven't been able to find at Wal-mart. Paid for it with ECB's, so it was GOOD price!)

Candy Canes(Just because my hubby wanted them!)

Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor(On sale, used $50 coupon and earned $20 ECB!!! GREAT DEAL!! FREE out of pocket.)

All I can say about CVS is I LOVE IT!!!! It has been wonderful to be able to stockpile without using up all my grocery money before getting other necessities. My husband is having as much fun as I am seeing all that I'm getting for so little money. It's nice to be able to share this with my mom too. I'm hoping that I can start to shop with some of my other friends as well. I want to share this with everyone!!! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I can't believe it!!!

The weirdest thing just happened here. I had to share!!


Never before have I experienced anything close to a "white Christmas", much less a white Thanksgiving! But there it is, right outside my window--snow flakes falling!

Ryan is beside himself with excitement. Ever since the 5-6 inches of snow we had Easter weekend, he's been aware of the fun that snow brings. He's bundled up and waiting for daddy to take him out. True, there's only flurries right now, but maybe in the morning there will be enough to build a snowman!!

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!

The smell of baking turkey is in the air. The counters are lined with fresh-baked pies and dinner rolls. Our small group is settled in around the warm fireplace. How GOOD my GOD is to bless this unworthy soul with so many blessings!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful time with family and friends today, celebrating this day of thanksgiving and praise. May the God of all grace bless each of you with thankful hearts, full tables and homes filled with love and laughter!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just to let everyone know, we found out that my father-in-law will not be having bypass surgery after all because the blocked artery is too small for surgery. The doctors say that his condition is not life threatening, and with medication and diet, he should be fine. They will be releasing him to go home tomorrow. He can even go back to work Monday! Praise the Lord for answered prayers, and thank you to those of you who have prayed for us today.

Rambling Thots

I'm sitting here nursing my baby. He's been extra fussy this morning for some reason. I try to utilize nursing time to read or work online. So far, it's working well, except for the typing with one hand. That gets a little weird some times. :)

My sister-in-law just called, letting us know that my DH's dad may have bypass surgery within the next couple days. Please pray for him and for the whole family. As many of you know, my mom-in-law hasn't been doing well for a while now. The Lord is greatly testing them! Pray for their strength and peace.

Yesterday was CVS shoping day! It was my first successful trip on my own. hehe I'm loving this! One of the best parts though is that my husband is as awed by the savings as I am. It's great to know that my simple efforts are such a help to him and to our family. I'll post pictures and details later. Stay tuned!

We are still in limbo around here. Because of our two trips to San Antonio the last two weekends, we haven't been able to finish moving into our new house. I'm beginning to think that we just aren't going to get over there until after Thanksgiving, especially if we have to be gone again for my father-in-law's surgery. We'll see.

I'm SERIOUSLY missing my home church!!!! It's been three Wednesdays and two Sundays since I've been able to meet with them. Times like these remind me that we truly are a body, a family--and I miss them greatly! Lord willing, I'll still be able to be back with them in a few days.

Well, my Brandon has fallen to sleep (finally!!), so I'm going to go put him down and get to laundry. If we do leave for SA tonight, we'll need clean clothing! Signing off for now....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A day in the life of

my little brother. He is Navy and proud of it! He's currently serving overseas.

Follow this link to "Portfolio", click on "Commercials", and watch the first two commercials to see what he does every day for a living. It's neat!

During the course of my blogging this morning, I came across Moms for Modesty. Evidently, they have recently moved their site and are requesting that anyone who believes that little girls should be able to be little girls in the way that they dress come by their site to sign their petition. This is based on the truth that companies are beginning to look to "mom" blogs to see what they should market. So, whether you have a daughter or not, go by and sign the petition and spread the word!!! Let our little girls be sweet and innocent as long as possible!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Super Savings Saturday

I made somewhere around $130 today. Doin' what you ask? SHOPPING!!! Yes, you read it right! SHOPPING!

I excelled at my second attempt at CVS shopping. :)
Nichole went along with me and helped me out. (Thanks, girl!!!)

Let me see if I can put it all down here for you to look over. :)

I did four separate transactions.

The first--

1 Blood Glucose Monitor $30.00
1 Ameal Blood Pressure Med =$29.99
= $59.99

Used 1 CVS Coupon $2.00 and
1 Manif. Coupon $50.00

Paid =$7.99

Got back $29.99 ECB

Second --

1 Blood Glucose Monitor $30.00
1 Ameal Blood Pressure Med =$29.99
2 Vitamins BOGOF = $14.99
4 Covergirl BOGO1/2OFF =$14.61
3 CVS Cotton Swabs =$9.57

Used 1 CVS Coupons $2.00
Used $53.00 in Manif. Coupons
Used $29.99 ECB from First transaction

Paid $14.17

Got Back $35.99 in ECB


Returned Covergirl from Second Transaction because they were the wrong items.
Got back $15.77


1 Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99
1 Ameal Blood Pressure Med =$29.99
2 Covergirl BOGO1/2OFF =$12.98
2 Cvs Cotton Swabs = $6.38

Used Manif. Coupons =57.99

Paid 1.35

Got back $33.99 ECB

I still have a total of $69.98 in ECB to use in the coming weeks!

And I spent a total between all four transactions (including the return) $7.74

PLUS, all the of the Glucose Monitors I bought for FREE have a rebate so I will be
getting $70.00 back from those!

So for a total of $7.74 I ended up making $132.24!!!
And I have all the items above!

Now, since I personally don't have diabetes and have no need for the glucose monitors, I took the opportunity to give all three to my sister-in-law who is a dialysis nurse. She will take them to her clinic to give to some needy patients. I think this is an awesome way to save money and bless someone else in the process!!!

I don't know if I'll ever have such good success at CVS shopping again, but as I had been getting pretty discouraged at all this shopping to save, today was just what I needed to get motivated once more to keep trying. Of course, I plan to utilize Nichole's help as much as possible until I can get the hang of doing it on my own and really searching out the good deals. Hope you're prepared! hehe

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Calling all Coffee Lovers!!!

Or anyone who likes FREEBIES!!!

Check this out! AWESOME! I can't wait to sign up for all these free samples! hehe

Thursday Tips

If you head over to Money Making Mom(see sidebar), Crystal had been doing a series on making money through blogging. It's a simple way for stay-at-home wives and mothers to make some little extra on the side. I've only just now started on the endeavor, so it's been super helpful for me to read what an experienced mom has done and been successful doing.

Also, I know you all can see the ads I have posted on my blog. This is a fairly simple way to get started bringing in some money. I like the site and am set up with them. I haven't started making money yet, but I'm very, very new to this "getting your blog noticed" thing! My friend Nichole turned me on to this company and has already had good success with them. They advertise for big-name companies, so you can be choosy about who and how you advertise to maintain that family-friendly atmosphere we all enjoy on "mom blogs."

Well, my two minutes of computer time for today are finished, and laundry is calling. I'll leave you to check out these few tips and start working them for yourself! Have fun!

A Frugal Christmas

Hello, friends! My friend Nichole is hosting a "frugal Christmas ideas" forum(for lack of a better term at the moment.) Check it out here for more information or to join in the fun of the coming holiday season!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today's good deal!

Hey all! For today only, GAP is offering free shiping on any orders. They have good deals on baby/children's clothes, and they even have a maternity line!!! Check it out by clicking on the box above!