Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little boys are fun!

My husband just came home with a little boy size fishing rod. Ryan's so excited, explaining how it all works to me and how Daddy's going to take him fishing! It's wonderful to see him that happy. I was invited to go along, but I'm thinking they'll have so much more fun having a father/son outing! My only regret is that my camera, which has been hiding in my side table since we moved, has a dead battery. Oh, well! Maybe next time they get decked out to go, I'll have it handy. We can pretend they're the first pictures. :)

Brandon is trying to walk. The results? Bumps and bruises galore! It's hard to be a boy, but it's a good thing to have the combination of Horner and Walker hard-headedness! hehe It's coming in handy these days! I'm hoping he survives this transition with only bruises and nothing worse. With Ryan stepping in to "help," there's no telling what could happen! Baby boys should come with warning labels--WARNING: Likely to cause premature graying, wrinkles and the sensation of heart attacks on a regular basis! Ah, but I wouldn't trade them in for anything in this world!

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Cathy said...

Just wait till they start climbing trees. Ben just about gave me a heart attack just after he turned four. I went outside to check on everybody, and there was Ben, almost at the very top of a 60-70 foot spruce tree. He was standing on a branch, holding onto the trunk with one hand, and waving excitedly at me with the other hand. No fear at all.