Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised!

In 1980, the Lord in His sovereignty, merged the lives of two families, the Horners and the Walkers. When Pat and Dianne Horner met Casey and Cindi Walker, Dianne was pregnant with their third child, a baby girl, and Cindy was pregnant with their first child, a son. In January 1981 Steven Walker was born. Two months later, in March, Rebekah Horner was born. Little did they know that 19 years later, God would unite them, not just as friends, but as family!

For years, Steven was just a part of my life. I would see him and the rest of his family when they would come to visit from Houston, and eventually they moved to San Antonio. He was just always there. Sure, I had my girly crushes on him through the years, but in all honestly, we did become simply friends.

It was not until we were both 18 that Steven finally "noticed" me as more than his sister's friend, or so he says! :) By May of 1999, when we graduated from high school, we were inseparable. We spent the next months just enjoying being around each other and hanging out with family and friends. Everyone expected a proposal at Christmas time, but Steven had other plans! He never has been one to just do what others expect of him!

At the end of January, Steven and I, along with all my brothers and his brother and sister, went to an outdoor concert. A DJ from the local radio station got up on stage and in front of a couple thousand people, announced that Steven Walker wanted to know if Rebekah Horner would marry him!!! Yep, it was definitely memorable and of course I said yes!!

So, that brings us to the big day-- June 17, 2000

Nine years ago, today, we stood before all our family and lots of friends(about 250 people altogether!) and committed our lives and our love to each other. The Lord has brought us through so much since that day! There have been times that we were angry, times that we were devastated, times that we were boundlessly happy, and lots of just normal, everyday times. Whatever the test, God has preserved our marriage and our increased our love for each other.

Today we celebrate nine years of marriage and over ten years of being together. It's amazing to see what we've come through, and know that whatever the future might hold for us, there's a God in heaven Whose hand is guiding and directing our steps.

I love you, Steven and am looking forward to our future and just being with you each day, living and loving together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy birthday, Ryan!!

Oh, how he's grown!!!! I cannot believe that five years ago, I was in labor at this very moment and waiting to meet my first baby boy!!! Time has flown by since that day, and I'm now the mommy to a wonderful, active, imaginative five year old!

Ryan has been such a blessing to our family from the minute we found out that I was expecting him. The Lord gave him to us and healed our hearts throughout my pregnancy with him and through his birth and life over the last five years. How thankful I am for my firstborn son!! I love you, Ryan!

(I wish I had some baby pictures of Ryan on my computer, but I don't!! I'll have to find all my CD's and download them some other time! The last picture is shortly before his second birthday...)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can it be? An actual post!!

It's way past time for a new update, but I am having serious problems trying to figure out what to share. There is SO much going on in our lives, in so many different areas!

The pregnancy is still going well. This little guy is moving enough to keep me awake a lot of nights. After last night, I'm thinking he may be born hyperactive!! It literally felt like he was bouncing off the sides of his little world just for the fun of it--kinda like a kid in a bathtub, when they discover they can slide on their belly in the tub! But it's such a comfort that he is active now!! My next check-up is on Tuesday, so maybe I'll have more to share then.

In other news, we (my parents and Steven and I) finally settled on some land and the closing was last week. After months(years, really!!) of looking, the Lord has provided for our family in such an awesome way!! For Steven and I, this is the place that we're hoping will be our home for the rest of our lives and an inheritance that we can leave for our children. I'm so looking forward to being able to get my own home again, especially knowing that, the Lord willing, this will be the LAST TIME I have to move! That's a crazy thought considering we've lived seven different places in the last nine years. I know that's not a lot compared to military families, but I'm certainly tired of the whole packing/unpacking cycles when I'm pregnant and have little ones in tow!

Well, there's so much more than this going on, but I don't have time to share right now. Just keep praying for us! The Lord has many changes in store for us over the next 6-9 months and I often feel that I'm barely keeping my head above water, so to speak. I need LOTS of grace!

Until next time...