Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CVS helps

Once again, my adventures in CVS have made it possible to help someone. I was able to put together two large bags of household goods to give to a family in need! This is definitely the best reason to learn to shop frugally--the ability to share with others. Though we are not often able to financially help someone, my stockpile of CVS products allows us to be generous in giving towards needs that arise within our church and among our friends.

May I encourage you to venture out and begin to learn to shop this way if you have not already started?? It's been a fun experience! Above all, it's been a great way that I've been able to be a help to my husband and others.

So, go on over to Money Saving Mom to check out her CVS tutorials, or better yet, check out Supermarket Savings for a collection of e-books to get you started. Both have worked for me and are great ways to start learning the ropes!

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Good Job Mom.
The Lord Always Provides.