Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brandon Update

There's not too much new going on around our place these days, but I thought I'd at least send out an update on how our Brandon is doing. Besides starting early at keeping mommy awake at night with his constant moving, he's growing like a weed!!! He's gaining around 14 oz. every two weeks. He's already 4lbs and 12 oz!!! We think he's going to be a big boy, bigger than his big brother at this rate!

I begin my twice per week monitoring next week. I'll be having sonograms and fetal monitoring each visit. Please remember me in prayer if you think of us. I'm already feeling tired most of the time these days, and the hour drive to get to the doctor is going to be difficult. Plus I have an active two year little boy to keep up with while strapped to a monitor! Fun times for sure, but exhausting for this pregnant mommy!

The doctors are still saying that May 3rd is the big day for this little guy to make his appearance!! That's five weeks away now. I'm getting a little nervous and a lot excited to get on with everything! I'm not exactly looking forward to the whole labor part of labor, but I am looking forward to meeting my little boy and bringing him home with us to start a new chapter in our lives. I know there's a lot of transition time in front of us, but I know it will all be a blessing in the end, even with the difficulties and sleepless nights!

Well, my Ryan is asking for something to eat, so I better go for now. Leave some comments if you have the time!!! I love hearing from everyone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 9, 2007

Here's another family picture I thought I would share with all of you. It was taken at the wedding this past Firday night. Ryan's making a funny face, but it's a good picture none the less!!!

I also wanted to send out congratulations to Steven and Nichole Jordan! They were married this past weekend! It's been a long anticipated union, and I was honored to be a small part of their special day!

Lots of love to you both!!!!

Memories and celebrations

I was going to post this a a couple weeks ago, but it's been so busy, I haven't had the chance to sit down to put anything new together for my blog!!!

I have had this blog now for a year. If anyone is interested, you can go back and read my first blog to understand the importance of this month for my husband and I and for our family. I don't know that I'll write anything new about our daughter, at least nothing too in depth. Please go back and read that first blog will help you to see how the Lord has worked in our lives and how far we have come in the last four years.

Five years ago this past week, the Lord wrought a wondrous work in my life. He took me from the pit that I was in and placed my feet upon the Rock, Jesus Christ our Saviour!! I can never do or say enough to repay the "debt of love I owe!" I continue to be amazed at the love and mercy that God bestows upon me each moment of each day as He leads me down this path of life He's chosen for me.

I'm also celebrating another year of physical life this month!!! Over 26 years ago, my dad began praying for a daughter. I am God's answer to that prayer received long ago. It's amazing as I think about my life to this point...I am constantly reminded of God's sovereignty and providence in ordering every step that has led me to today!!! Seeing all the twists and turns of life that have lead me to my husband and to the life that we now lead together--it's a testament to God's hand in my life, to God's direction of even the minutest details of every life! I am blown away that the God of all the universe would be so interested in one, insignificant creature that He would orchestrate an entire lifetime of events to form what is and what will become my history!! How amazing His love is for me!

Seven Months Pregnant

I thought everyone would enjoy an updated preggie picture. This was a week ago when we were in San Antonio for my cousin's wedding. This is my caption--Since I have no hips anymore, Ryan gets to ride around on top of Brandon! hehe