Monday, March 31, 2008

I found the poem below while I was visiting a new blog today. I was so blessed to read it! It's words give life to my struggles lately. I pray that I am learning the truth that God's way are good, and above all, are meant to mold me into His image. May I continue in faith, relying solely on the grace of Jesus to carry me through and enable me to walk when the path is dark and trust when the night seems unending.

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blaire said...

Wow!! What a beautiful poem; it is soooo true! I think that sometimes we need a quick reminder of the fact that Christ is all that we truly need to be placing our hope, strength, and trust in. He is our strong Father waiting in anticipation with His loving, welcoming arms wide open, longing to be the shelter that we run to in the midst of trouble. Whoa!!! How amazing is that!?!? The God of all Creation wants to be our Hero, our Comfort, and our Hiding Place. I am truly left in awe by the amazingness of it all.