Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The past several weeks-Recap

Ok, let's see....

We moved into our new home right after Thanksgiving.

I still have boxes to go through and seperate for a yard sale. Just this past weekend, I was able to clear enough room to get my computer desk set up, thus this post is possible. I'm still figuring out the storage/organizing for my new spaces, and with my two boys in constant tow, it's always fun to find time to finish anything/everything on my list of to-do's.

The week that we planned to be in the house and get settled, my husband and both boys came down with colds, resulting in moving, but not too much settling being accomplished. Then came holidays and all the preperations that go into gift-giving, out-of-town trips and meal planning.

Since we always travel to San Antonio for Christmas, this year being no different, I had to make sure everything was wrapped and packed and ready to be transported. This year was especially fun because I also planned/organized/cooked for the Christmas Day dinner. Fun to do when you're 250 miles away!!! :) Not that I'm complaining because we had a wonderful time, and it was actually a relatively peaceful day considering I was sick with coughing, sore throat, headaches and all-around miserable!!

Yep, that's right!!! The Friday we were set to leave on our trip, I woke up with the dreaded cold my family and friends had been fighting for weeks. To top things off, Brandon also came down with it and added an ear infection to the above list of symptoms!! We left the day after Christmas and drove him directly to the doctor to be checked out. Within a few says, Ryan also got sick, and not to be out-done by Brandon, came down with an ear infection too!!! So, with two little ones sick and on antibiotics, I didn't do much beside keeping everyone fed and the clothes washed. Notice I said washed, not folded, ironed and organized! :)

Anyway, after lots of sickness, not having a washer or a dryer hooked up for several weeks, and a multitude of other distractions, I'm hoping for some stay-at-home, do-regular-things, not-have-to-juggle-a-million-things time!!!!

I'd like to work on curtains for my house. I think I'm going to take the plunge and attempt to make some by hand. I haven't made anything on my own, so it will be a new endeavor for me. I'm looking forward to it. I'll try to take pictures if it all comes out!

Ok, that'll have to do for now. I need to get my boys settled and ready for bed. Goodnight, blogging friends!

A New Baby!

Welcome to little Joseph Daniel Dodson, born yesterday morning! He weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz. Mommy and baby are doing well. Praise the Lord for His goodness and wonderful gifts!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I finally have my computer all set up!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!
So, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and be posting regularly again. I hope that my faithful friends will comment to let me know they haven't given up on me coming back! :)
See you all around the blog neighborhood!