Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well, I'm finally able to sit and post again. It's been crazy around my house the last few days!

We had a good trip to San Antonio and lots of good visiting time with our family. Steven's dad is going in for his surgery on June 6, so if the Lord brings him to mind, please pray for him. It was hard for Steven and I to come home, knowing what his parents are about to go through. Our hearts were torn, wanting to be with them, but knowing we had responsibilities waiting for us here at home. But the Lord has been good. He is in control, and we know His hand is in this situation. What a blessing it was to us to see how the church in Elmendorf is reaching out to care for and love Casey and Cindi through these difficulties! God is truly faithful!

We have a busy, busy month ahead of us!!! My parents are returning from the mission field in about two weeks now. I'm excited about seeing them again!

This month also includes Ryan's second birthday!!! My little baby isn't so little anymore. How time has flown by these two years! It amazes me to look back and see how the Lord worked all together for our good over the last three years--good that led us to the birth of our first son!

On June 17, Steven and I will be married six years! Again, looking back, it's amazing to see the providence of God in both our lives to bring us together, to keep us together, to join our hearts so completely! Sometime when I have more time, I'll have to share some of the history of how our families came to meet and how Steven and I were brought together.

Well, my son is with a friend today, so I'm going to try to take advantage of the quiet time while I still have it! See you all around Blogworld!


Christy said...

It's good to hear from you, Rebekah! How is your back feeling? I've been praying for you. Enjoy your quiet time. :)

Cole said...

So nice to have just a moment of that peace and quite time all to yourself sometimes huh.
Miss you all. You are going to be having a busy month arnt you!. :-P Likewise here! Can you beleive from today its only 1 month untill my sisters wedding day. Time go SLOW!!!!!
Well, ttul girl.
Hope you sure did enjoy your day. :-P