Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hello everyone.

I called many of you today letting you know that Casey came through the surgery and was on his way to recovery. Well, I received another call from Cindi saying that when she got back from getting lunch, she found out that Casey was still in surgery. There ended up being more complications with getting the hip out due to some scar tissue. The doctors had to break his femur bone in order to complete the operation. They packed his hip and wired the femur back together. Six hours after going into surgery, Casey is now in recovery.

This is only the beginning of a long road for Casey. Please continue to pray for him and for our family. Cindi is holding up well.

Thank you to all of you from Steven and I for your prayers and financial support during this time. It's been a blessing to see the Lord providing through His saints. I will continue to share updates as I am able.

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sarahdodson said...

Glad to get the update, Rebekah. Have been praying and thinking of them/y'all. I do hope he recovers well from this surgery.

ps. thanks for the comment on my blog; hopefully the links will "straighten up and fly right."