Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm sad!

Well, I no longer have a living room. I have boxes instead! No more pictures on my walls. No more pretty candles setting on tables. No more cookbooks in my kitchen. I'm a little sad...Ok, a lot sad. This house we're leaving is our very first house to buy and decorate and love! It's hard to leave so many memories behind, but I know we will keep them locked in our hearts no matter where we end up next! As I have cleaned out closets, taken pictures down, wrapped candles in towels to keep them safe in the move, I have reflected on all that we love about living in this house and all the wonderful things that happened here!

We prepared the extra room for our daughter. What love and excitement there was as my mom and I sewed the bed covers and the valances for the windows! We came home from the hospital that March day without her and grieved for her in this house! How I remember that room covered with condolence flowers rather than diapers and pink little girl stuff!

A year and three months later, we brought our son home to this house! What a wonderful, joyful day that was!!! I was exhausted, but so very happy to finally hold that little boy I had waited for those nine months. I've watched him accomplish all his "firsts" in this house. In that room that's now covered with his little boy toys- hammers, wrenches, tool table, bat, balls, gloves, cars, stuffed animals. The whole room shouts, " A little boy lives here!" It's been a memorable two years, watching Ryan change from a newborn baby to the active two year old he is today.

Steven and I have faced so many things together. We had this house to come home to, to be together here when the world was too much, when things weren't going the way we had envisioned them. We will miss our first house!!

But with all the changes, there is an anticipation of what the future holds. We know that things won't always be easy over the next few months without a home of our own, but we will treasure the time we have with my parents and use this time to prepare for our future and help our family.
The Lord has been good to us, and I know He will continue to guide our steps as we embark on this new journey in our lives!


Christy said...

Just wanted you to know that if you need any help with packing or getting things ready, please let me know. I'd be glad to come sometime and help or just entertain Ryan for a while or something.

I loved reading about what your first house has meant to you. I really want to find a job somewhere else and move too, but I know that I'd feel some of the same feelings leaving my first home. (But I'll be glad if/when it does happen!)

Anyway, have a good weekend. I hope you won't be too busy to get some rest in. See you Sunday, Lord willing.


Rebekah said...

Thank you, Christy, for your offer of help. I might take you up on that. I got a lot packed and ready to move today. I think Steven and I will be moving lots of stuff tomorrow. He has to work in the morning, but tomorrow afternoon will be filled with moving, I'm sure!
I promise that I'll try to get as much rest as I can! :=)

Vivi said...

You've made this house lovely with your presence, and you'll do the same for any other house you live in (I accidentally typed "love"--so, any house you love in!). See you later! Thanks for coming to the high-rise!

Cole said...

Hey girl!
just a note to say I wish I was there helping you! You know I would if I could.
All my love

sarahdodson said...

Hey, Rebekah! I enjoyed reading that. That house hold many memories for you, that's for sure. Y'all have made it such a neat place. I know you'll enjoy the times you'll get to spend with your parents- you've got some pretty special ones!