Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Happenings...

It's a good morning here at the Walker's house. Steven's off to work, since about 5:30 this morning. He's such a hard worker! The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband!

Ryan has had his breakfast and is all clean again. His high chair too...that was a mess to clean up!!! haha It's a lot of fun now that he's eating by himself now! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are great adventures now to the little guy! How much food can he actually get in his mouth??

I'm in my normal morning routine-- get up, get Ryan up, read email and blogs and sometimes chat with my I'm doing right now!!! I'm going to go get some quiet time to read here in a few minutes. I want to delve back into Mark. I've missed reading the last several days and I really, really miss it!!!

I have to finish some laundry and pack bags for us. We're headed to the big city of San Antonio to visit Steven's family for the weekend. So, I'm off to be diligent and get my work done! Talk to you all next week sometime!!!

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Christy said...

Have a good, safe trip, Rebekah. I'll miss you, Sunday. I'll be praying for Steven's family. Love y'all! :)