Friday, May 02, 2008

A Simple Tip

If you're like me, you always appreciate tips and ideas from other busy moms and wives who have discovered that little something to make everyday chores/necessities a little easier. Here's one that's been working for me for awhile.

At our local grocery store, they are always putting large family-size packages of meat on sale or regularly have them at reduced prices. Now, to be perfectly honest, I DETEST separating raw meat. It's just really gross. So, instead, I plan to cook the whole amount. That way, I always have something easy put back in the freezer, or meat ready to be used for the next meal. If it's ground hamburger, I cook it up with onion and then divide it, use what I need, and put away the rest. If it's pork chops, ribs or steaks, my husband loves to fire up the grill and cook LOTS at once. That way, I usually always have ready-to-eat meat in my freezer.

So, maybe this is something you're already doing or is simple stuff to you, but it's working for me; and until my family grows and I have to actually use all that meat in one meal, I plan to keep to my system! Besides, this ends up being the least expensive way for me to keep my family stocked up on the meat we all enjoy eating so much.



sarahdodson said...

Great idea, Rebekah. I'm with you on the raw meat thing. yuck! Especially chicken.

Mimi said...

I'm with you, I like to cook ahead for a few days and keep the food in the fridge, ready for meals, deli style. At Ralphs and Albertsons in southern California,the butcher will seperate the family packs of meat, fish, chicken for you if you ask. I always ask and then can go home and just put it directly into my freezer bag and freeze what I need to.I know that not all stores will do thi for you, like some here won't!

Mom2fur said...

LOL! I'm guessing you're not really into making meatballs?
How do you brown the big batches? I do mine in a lasagna pan in the oven. 350 degrees, for about 30 minutes, and I just keep breaking it up with a wooden spoon every few minutes.

BarbaraLee said...

Hows the taste after you freeze it?

Mrs. Walker said...

I've never actually tried cooking meatballs. I guess just because my mom never did them either, so it wasn't something that I learned to cook. I'd be open to trying that though. It's be a nice change for my family!
I usually just fill a large skillet to brown it all. I don't usually have more than four pounds at a time that I do, so it's never been a problem. I guess with larger amounts, I'd probably jsut split it into two pans. With little ones under foot, I would have a hard time using the oven and having to open it regularly.

I've never noticed anything tasting bad after freezing it. The only difficulty I've run across is with ground hamburger. If I don't cook it with something(i.e. onions and garlic)it can taste pretty bland after cooking and sitting before being seasoned. But I just try to make sure that I do add in those simple ingredients along with salt and pepper. I like that convenience of it!!!