Monday, May 19, 2008

My Focus

I am so NOT a schedule person.

Yes, I know, this wreaks of a rebellious streak and that is probably part of my problem--an overwhelming desire to "buck the system." However, to be honest to myself as well as my (few) readers, I do need some structure in my life that is now sorely missing.

My hope is to focus on (and pray much over) one area of my life--getting up at an early hour, preferably before my boys wake up each morning. This is no easy feat for me! Brandon has decided to exert his own stubborn streak and is still refusing a regular bedtime, long predictable sleep patterns and a normal awake time and nap time during the day. I have been working with him. At the very least he is no longer nursing during the night, but he still often wakes up and needs some prompting to go back to sleep.

A few weeks ago while Ryan was enjoying time away with Aunt Erin, I took the opportunity to begin to let Brandon cry more during the night, teaching him to go back to sleep on his own. It stuck for awhile, but after just one late night out, he's back to struggling with going/staying asleep. He has for several weeks now slept through the night, but only once he's deep in sleep. This is our problem area!

All this to say, how do I balance my genuine need for rest with the also very genuine need to get up early and have that precious quiet time in the morning? My husband and I have been discussing several ideas but have not come to any firm conclusions or decisions yet.

I know that an organized day is for my benefit and the benefit of my young children. Ryan especially needs that structured schedule at his age. But again, I'm still nursing Brandon quite often throughout the day. That is what he needs for now. Any mother who has nursed knows that though it is a WONDERFUL experience, it also takes a lot of time out of the day.

Weaning is not yet an option. I want my baby to be my baby for as long as possible, but I do need to figure out how to balance(there's that word again!!) my time, Ryan's needs and the organization and maintenance of my home.

So, my readers, do you have any tried and true ideas to give me? Are there some simple things I can try to implement into my day to help my boys and I to be more structured?

I often experience thoughts of failure and defeat over these and other issues regarding my home, but I KNOW that these are attacks against my peace. I must seek the Lord for the strength and wisdom I need to overcome and gain the victory!! Please pray with me if you think about it! I need much grace in this area.



Vivian said...

I would recommend (since you asked) putting the boys down in the afternoon at the same time. Even if Ryan doesn't sleep, he can look at books or something in bed, where he can stay quietly until you tell him he can get up. And put Brandon down, too. And use that time. My kids all took naps or laid down (and you know how many I had!) until kindergarten! I needed them to rest--so I could rest! Let me know if this works. Just a suggestion, not a commandment! ;)

Misty said...

Hey Rebekah, yes I do just as Mrs. Risse recommends and it works great for me and my three. Anna always goes down for a nap with Luke and Naomi, although she usually sits in bed and reads books quietly. I would like to say that we were on a better schedule then we really are, there are just so many of those crazy days! I am sure you know what I mean, I hope I am not alone:) As far a getting up early, I need to set a good pattern of that. Night time seems to be my quiet time so I have a hard time getting to bed, thus I am not a morning person. You are not alone in your struggles. Motherhood as well is nursing is a blessing with alot of work:) Two good CDs to listen to if you have not already are ...
Home Is Where The Heart Is and Twenty Four Hours Is All You Get. They are from Vision Forum.