Thursday, May 22, 2008

More focus!! :)

I finally broke down and made myself a master(I hope, complete!) list of all that needs to be tackled to get my house in order and the clutter vanquished. I have some serious projects to tackle! And boy, I need some major ideas to get things straightened up. I'm going to be searching I'm an Organizing Junkie!! for ideas the next several weeks. I am coming up with nothing on my own and need some inspiration for my small house with tiny closets! Any of me readers' ideas would be welcomed too!

When I have a few more minutes of computer time, I'll post the list for you and maybe even some pictures of the "before" clutter(GULP!! That would be very revealing though...Yikes!) We'll see how brave I am later.

Signing off for now...I do have that list to start on!



Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

BE a BRAVE girl!!!


Mrs. Walker said...



We'll see...stay tuned!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

so hows it going...