Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm sorry it's been so quiet around here the last few days, but my husband has been home! I don't usually spend much time online, and I hardly ever put together a post when he's around. There's just so many other more important things to do when he's here! ;)

Anyway, for those who have read about my need to ORGANIZE, it's all on hold for right now. I have a week from today to get some things in order here and to also get my parents 4BR/3B house cleaned from top to bottom before they come home from the mission field.

I'm planning to be at the airport Tuesday, June 3rd to pick them up and drive them home. That will be a three hour, one way trip, and yes, I'm planning to take my boys with me! So, I have lots to get ready for.

I will try to take some pictures(I promise, Nichole!!!) before I clear off the bed in our spare room that has become the staging area for all my clearing out. You'd be duly horrified if you knew how long it's all been there, so I'll keep that to myself! :)

OH, and my baby has some sort of eye infection/allergy problem. It's been a week now that his eyes have been bloodshot. I decided it was time to let the doctors look him over. We're headed out this afternoon for the nearly hour trip it will take us to get there. Super fun with the price of gas!!!

Ok, I hear my boys (Ryan especially!) getting a bit rambunctious in the other room. Sorry again that this is so piecemeal, but mommy duties are beckoning!!!

Have a good day, blogworld!!!


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Vivian said...

My little corner of Blogworld loves her little sister! Sorry about Brandon's problem. Nothing like trying to put medicine in a child's eye for fun, eh.

Have a blessed day. Stay in touch.