Monday, July 07, 2008


Well, if you're anything like me, you're probably ecstatic to see that I've finally posted something new. I'm not sure what it is about having two children versus only one, but I definitely have LESS time. Imagine that.

I have been accomplishing things around my house(faint applause heard in the background!) and have been super busy. We got back last night late from a long weekend in San Antonio. My younger brother was in for a visit. It was December, I think, the last time I saw him. He's a brilliant, brave member of the US Navy! We're very proud of him. Anyway, we take whatever time we can when he's in Texas to travel to see him. We know that at any time he could go overseas to fight in this war. Every moment is precious.

I really am having so little time to really sit down and write a decent post. I am seriously disappointed with my recent efforts and am striving to only post if I actually have something worthwhile or at least halfway interesting to share. That's why I've posted pictures. No need for fluffy words.

Like I shared before, I have a great many topics floating around my mind, but to put them on paper, Ah, what an accomplishment THAT would be! Right now, my home and my family are needing my attention more than this keyboard. I'm having to learn that priorities are necessary and GOOD for me. I just wish there was more of me to go around because I do enjoy writing something more in depth than the latest update on how my life is going or how I'm feeling on any given day. Not that that isn't interesting to someone out there, but I have so much MORE that wants to be written, so much more DEPTH that desires to come out.

But if I'm learning anything these days, it is that God wants more from me than surface religion. The Almighty created me for more than passing pleasures. I have been given the gift of life eternal and two sons to teach about Christ and the gloriousness of the gospel. I have failed in this area, and I MUST keep going to Jesus for the grace, wisdom and discretion to train my sons in the way. I have a husband who needs me by his side, to truly be his help meet.

So, if my posts here are fewer and fewer, know that I am instead using my time learning more and more to be the wife and mother God has chosen me to become.

Until the next time...



sarahdodson said...

What IS it about having 2 versus 1?? Time seems to vanish.

So glad you got to see your brother!! I'm thankful for him and his willingness to serve our country. Hope he's doing well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy reading them:)

Vivian said...

Love you, little sis! I understand. Those years are a haze to me, but I remember two things: God was good, and He gave me strength and grace!