Saturday, July 26, 2008

Super Savings!!!

Well, I may have been feeling a bit burned out on coupon shopping, frugality in general and watching every penny, but yesterday renewed my excitement about shopping specials.

I was able to score $32 worth of baby products for ONE CENT out of pocket!!! I did use two cards to do that, but it's worth it cause I will definitely be using all of it, either for Brandon or to put together gift baskets for friends.

Here's a quick break down of what I did at CVS.

Using the $2/1 CVS coupon that's out right now, I bought 8 items off the baby sale list that cost $2 each. I checked out each item separately in order to get them FREE! After I "bought" the last item, the $5 ECB printed out! Fun!!!

Here's what I got in that(those) transaction(s):

2 Baby shampoo
2 Baby wash, lavender
4 Baby wipes (I hadn't tried the CVS brand wipes before, but I really like them!!! I won't be passing them up now!)

Ok, then, after such great success using those $2/1 Q's, I decided to go ahead and try the deal again with my other card. I only had 5 coupons left, so I bought 4 items, again baby bath products that were $2 each, separately, then I did the fifth transaction. That one looked something like this:

1 CVS Children's Tylenol--$4 (I decided on this because it's the one medication I don't have stocked in my pantry, and Ryan will be needing it in the next couple weeks when he get shots! My poor baby!!)
2 Baby wipes--$2 ea.
Total- $8
Used $2/1 Q
Used $3.99 ECB and $2 ECB
Paid $o.o1 OOP!!!

It was exhilarating to walk out of the store with all that free stuff!!

I'm looking forward to next week's Johnson and Johnson's sale! I hope to be able to get even more baby products! YAY!!!

I also was able to go to Kroger and shop their 10 item sale. Fro those who don't know how it works, you buy ten item that are on the list and automatically receive $5 off when you check out! Obviously, the best deals are when you combine this with great coupons, coupons that double or triple!! I did spend more than I normally would have because I wanted to stock up on the Sargento cheese that was $1.50 for 8 oz. That's not a super great price, but for a 32 oz. bag of shredded cheese at Walmart, I pay about $8. This is something that our family uses regularly, so a $2 savings over my usual pay out was a deal I didn't want to pass up. I was able to use coupons to get--
Free BC cookie mixes
$0.25 Cattleman's Bar-b-que sauce
$0.50 Lysol All-purpose cleaner(40 oz concentrate--Great deal!!)
$0.50 Pledge furniture polish

Those were some of the better deals I got yesterday. If Kroger weren't 30 miles away, I would strongly consider printing more coupons today and hitting the store one more time, but that wouldn't be frugal considering the price of gas!!! :)

Anyway, it's been so long since I shared any of my shopping adventures with you that I thought I take a few minutes while my floors are drying to tell you about this week's escapade!

Oh, I forgot!! JCPenney's is having a great sale right now!!! If you need baby clothes, they have a lot of their summer rompers, shirt and short sets, etc marked down to $1.97 each! I was able to get several outfits for Brandon since he's just now outgrowing all of his comfy, summer rompers!!

Ok, time to put my kitchen back together, feed us some lunch and tackle the rest of my dirty, messy house! Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! There's my agenda for today!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!!


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sarahdodson said...

Very impressive savings, Rebekah!!

I'll have to check out JCPenney. Sounds like a great deal. Our little guy has outgrown lots of clothes, and I have so many clothes to sort through.

ps. thanks for your sweet comment! :)