Friday, June 27, 2008

Accomplishing SOMETHING!!!!!

Thank you for all your sweet comments, thoughts and prayers regarding my painful shoulders! I'm a little better, but still dealing with pain. I've decided that I will just ignore it for now though because I have too much to do to keep whining about it! (There's a true "sister of compassion"! You know who you are!!!)

Anywhoo, my hubby and I are busy getting ready for yet another garage sale. We still had lots left to deal with after the last one, so we packed it up, stuck in the shed, and now are ready to give this another go.

I'm also in the middle of tearing my house apart, taking down beds, rearranging furniture, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning!!!

Yes, I'm definitely ignoring my shoulder. I figure if it's going to hurt when I rest, maybe the stretching, pulling, pushing of all the above will work out some of the kinks for me. Either way, it's going to hurt, and I'm determined to make my house a HOME!!! In every sense of the word.

I've had candles, floral arrangements, pictures, shelves, etc packed up or stuck on book shelves in a back room for months now. I'm sick of the clutter and SOOOO ready to get things out and PRETTY!!

Don't you agree? A pretty home is a welcoming home. Clean, uncluttered, care for, yet lived in...that's my goal!!! I may not reach it in my whole house this weekend because of the garage sale, but I'm going to at least get my living room spruced up.

We started by taking down the full size bed in our guest room. At this point, it was only a holding place for boxes and other stuff that's needed attention. I (well, more precisely, my husband and two other friends) moved (Picture three guys turning it on its end to get it around the tight corner!) my piano to the same spare room, opening up my living room for a more comfortable setting of the furniture. It's amazing how OPEN it feels now! I pulled, pushed and grunted my couches aroudn the living room this morning, until I found a new arrangement that would work better and still "feel" right. I think I may have finally settled on the configuration I can live with for a while. Now, I can work on getting pictures up on walls, candles out on tables and shelves. Yes, I can finally DECORATE!! YAY!!! I'd do a happy dance, but it would jar my shoulder too much! :)

Well, I've used my few minutes of break time to type this up. I'm off to tackle something else!!!



Cathy said...

Have you seen a chiropractor?

Lauren said...

I had to chuckle at the part about grunting your furniture around the living room. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to make noise to move things around!