Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tired, but good!

Whew, what a few days it has been around here!!

I spent between five and six hours cleaning at my parent's house Friday. I was only able to get it all done because my wonderful husband kept my two boys busy. Saturday I spent the morning getting coupons together for my all-afternoon shopping trip to CVS and Walmart. It was a very full day that finally ended around 10:30, with my hubby and I falling, exhausted, into bed.

It was all good though!!! I'm so glad that I'm able to be here for my parents. I know that if I were not available to look after things at home, they wouldn't have as much liberty to travel to the mission field. It's the little something the Lord has enabled me to do to aid in the spread of the gospel to Asia! Amazing!

I have a VERY hectic week before me, so I better sign off for now. My days are packed full of activities, including an out of town trip to a MLB game this weekend for Ryan's fourth birthday!!! More about all that to come.

I'll sign off for now. My boys are still up and running, and I need to get them settled for the night.


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