Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10

Today is a special, special day for our family!!

Four years and nine months ago(or somewhere around that!) those two pink lines appeared! I can still remember how I felt. I was pretty sure of the outcome of that test, but to actually see it confirmed after such a difficult loss was almost overwhelming. But it was true!!! A few weeks later, my doctor told me that all was going well. We would welcome a new little baby the next June. I remember that first of many sonograms that revealed that we would be having a baby boy. With Steven and my parents there with me, it was a special moment we will all treasure.

I can't say that those nine months flew by, but eventually, we did come to this day four years ago. The day that we finally got to meet our little boy. The day we actually got to hold our baby and know for sure that everything was going to be ok. We had a son!

We welcomed into our life and our family Ryan David Walker. Weighing in at 6lbs, 6oz, he was just a little guy, but oh, how we loved him!! How we STILL love him!

Today he turns four years old. He getting so very big that it almost makes me sad. My tiny baby boy who needed me for everything imaginable is now a tall, skinny boy who has a definite independent streak.

I'm thankful that he still needs those hugs and snuggles every day though. Ryan is my cuddle boy. He has a hard time going to sleep if Mommy doesn't snuggle, hug, kiss and pray with him. I treasure these times because I know that soon enough he's going to be "too big" for those icky kisses. :)

So, happy birthday, my Ryan! We love you and are so thankful for this new year of life to watch you grow and change and learn new things.


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Happy B-day!!!!
Love yall

Misty said...

God is so good. I am thankful for these blessings of children he so kindly has given us.

sarahdodson said...

Aw, sweet post! Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! :)