Friday, November 16, 2007

Rambling Thots

I'm sitting here nursing my baby. He's been extra fussy this morning for some reason. I try to utilize nursing time to read or work online. So far, it's working well, except for the typing with one hand. That gets a little weird some times. :)

My sister-in-law just called, letting us know that my DH's dad may have bypass surgery within the next couple days. Please pray for him and for the whole family. As many of you know, my mom-in-law hasn't been doing well for a while now. The Lord is greatly testing them! Pray for their strength and peace.

Yesterday was CVS shoping day! It was my first successful trip on my own. hehe I'm loving this! One of the best parts though is that my husband is as awed by the savings as I am. It's great to know that my simple efforts are such a help to him and to our family. I'll post pictures and details later. Stay tuned!

We are still in limbo around here. Because of our two trips to San Antonio the last two weekends, we haven't been able to finish moving into our new house. I'm beginning to think that we just aren't going to get over there until after Thanksgiving, especially if we have to be gone again for my father-in-law's surgery. We'll see.

I'm SERIOUSLY missing my home church!!!! It's been three Wednesdays and two Sundays since I've been able to meet with them. Times like these remind me that we truly are a body, a family--and I miss them greatly! Lord willing, I'll still be able to be back with them in a few days.

Well, my Brandon has fallen to sleep (finally!!), so I'm going to go put him down and get to laundry. If we do leave for SA tonight, we'll need clean clothing! Signing off for now....

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Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

We are praying for your fathernlaw.

Let me know if you guys come into town again.
Love ya