Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Finally, a fun post!! : )

My baby is getting so big!!! It's so sad that he's growing so fast. My only comfort is that he's such a Momma's boy right now. (Oh, and it means he's healthy!)

He loves to cuddle! *sigh* I love it!!

He's four months old now! I can't believe it!

He had his check up yesterday. He's weighing in at a solid(squishy hehe) 16 pounds! And he's 25 inches long! Still only nursing, so I guess Mommy's doing something right!

It's so wonderful to be a mother! I love both my boys so much. True, they each come with their own unique set of difficulties, but I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING!


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Awe! Purty pics. :-)
Cant believe he weighs
that much already! And four months!

Blake & Shaunna said...


Grace said...

wow. i can't believe how much your boys look like their daddy. he's such a cutie. and i'm very jealous that you have a baby who loves to snuggle. mine wants no part of that. have fun with the boys. glad to hear he's doing well.

sarahdodson said...

PRECIOUS! You DO have a cuddly baby- I'm so glad I know:) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!