Wednesday, March 09, 2011

20 Weeks

Well, it's been a different pregnancy for sure!  Everyone will tell you that each time is different, each child is different, etc, etc. Well, there were differences in each of my previous four pregnancies, but really, so much was the same. Not so this time!!!

I haven't gained the weight I usually do--GOOD!!

I haven't felt the baby move hardly at all or consistently--Not So Good for this paranoid Momma!!

After being VERY sick the first trimester, I've been relatively NOT sick the rest of the time--At least some things stay the same!

I have had any cravings for really unhealthy food, like chocolate and peanut butter or Coca Cola--VERY GOOD!

I have actually craved HEALTHY food!--WEIRD!

Monday, I finally had my first ultrasound. It seemed like it took forever to get to this point! :-)  Anyway, I now have a REASON for not feeling the baby the came this time as in the past.  My placenta is anterior, meaning it is on top of the uterus. A very good thing, but it does add an extra layer, thereby decreasing the amount of movement I feel at this point.  I'm certain this little person will continue the dancing though, and eventually, I'll be complaining about TOO much moving and not letting me sleep!!  :-)

Of course, we did find out boy or girl.  Everyone has been voting for a girl, but really, I never expected to get a girl.  Turns out, we make really awesome BOYS!!!!!  So, I'm the only Walker girl for now, but soon, I'll be surrounded by even more blue, balls, bugs and DIRT!

Little boy is doing well according to the doctors.  I was SO nervous going into this appointment.  In the past months, I know or know of at least 4 people who have lost their sweet babies. Not feeling him move has only added to my fears, and boy, have those fears been prevalent!!  I've spent a lot of time praying and asking the Lord to give me peace and help to simply rest in Him, whatever the outcome for this baby.  Seeing him moving around so much, see that bitty heart beat, KNOWING he's ok, has been a comfort.  I can only keep praying that God will continue to help me trust Him and leave this baby's future in His hands, as the only wise God and loving Father.

Here's our newest picture of our baby boy!


Misty said...

Praise to see a baby full of live on the U/S screen.

Rebekah said...

Oh, Misty! The joy you are expressing towards our little boy means so much knowing how much you have lost in the past months. Thank you! *HUGS*

Hannah B. said...

I am really excited for you, Mrs. Rebekah! Like Misty said, Praise God!! I am praying for you and your little one. :)