Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Kitchen Tip

I took some time today to bake banana bread. I have a lot of over-ripe bananas that find a home in my freezer. I've learned that if I'll peel them and put them directly into a baggie, it's SO much easier when it comes around to baking time. Once it defrosts, I can mash it in the bag and avoid the mess of using a fork. (I've had too many times that the bananas "migrated" to the counter while I was trying to mash them up!!!) Anyway, it's a simple tip that you are probably already using, but it works for me!!!


Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for the tip.


Laura said...

Just made banana bread two days ago...great tip!

GiBee said...

So easy, its ridiculous... and yet, I never thought of it! That's the way it seems most good tips are! Thanks for sharing it!!