Monday, October 01, 2007

Riding for MS--MS150 In just 3 Weeks!!!!!!!!

I wanted to share this note from my uncle with you. He is riding to raise money for research into MS. As many of you know, my mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with this disease.


Hey everyone. Yes its getting closer. Just 3 more weeks.

We have been riding. Although not as much as we would like to. This last Wednesday, I rode 25 miles. The Sunday previous was also 25 miles.
The Saturday of the prior weekend.
Tom and I rode our "circuit".
70 miles round trip from Portland, to Portland. We start over the Harbor bridge, down Ocean drive thru Corpus Christi, down S.P.I.D. over the J.F.K. causeway. From there we rode to Port Aransas across the ferry, riding thru Aransas Pass and finally back to Portland. All in less than 6 hours.
Tom has made great improvements since 2 years ago. We had to stop every 10 miles for 20 minutes to let him rest. Took us almost 9 hours.
Was planning on riding yesterday. However, the weather was terrible. Heavy rains, wind and some really strange beautiful lightning. Unfortunately, the same problem today.

I have ridden in the rain before.
The 2nd year I rode,we had rain for the first 50 miles at an average of 2 inches an hour. I don't mind riding in the rain. But, I hate training in it. lololololol.
But, we have been working out at the Community Center (tread mill, stationary bike, weights etc.). We have also been working out at home almost daily with the program "P90X". So, as you can see, one way or another we will be ready for the ride on October 20th and 21st.

In total this year. The MS 150 will actually be 160 miles long. Due to route changes. On Saturday, we will ride 100 miles from San Antonio to Beeville. Than on Sunday a much shorter ride of 60 miles, from Beeville to Corpus Christi.

Tom rides for a friend of his with MS.

As most of you know. I am riding for 2 people this year. And yes, I did ask Maggie first, if it was alright that I ride for Cindy also. Maggie, is a long time family friend that I have ridden for the last 2 years. I am also riding for Cindy Walker.
Cindy is my nieces mother-in-law. She was diagnosed very recently.
Both are FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL people, that live with MS everyday. Also, 2 of the most loving, caring people you will ever meet.

Tom and I, along with thousands of others ride and train to do a 150 mile bike ride every year. Sounds like a lot.
But, people like Maggie, Cindy and thousands of others live with the effects of MS everyday.

I can give you all these reasons to pledge.
But, it is for Maggie, Cindy and everyone else that lives with MS.

We do not have a minimum or a maximum amount that you can pledge. It is a 150 mile bicycle ride (bicycle not motorcycle).
You can pledge a set amount. You can pledge an amount per mile. You can pledge an amount on how long it will take me.

Please remember, we as riders not only pay the entry fee for the bike ride. Riders are responsible for transportation costs to San Antonio, the cost of the hotel Friday night, the cost of a hotel if we do not stay at the college in Beeville Saturday night, the cost of meals and the cost to return home if we do not live in Corpus Christi. Because we do get our bicycles inspected prior to the ride. IF we break down on the ride, we are not charged for labor. BUT, we are charged for parts.

We as riders must have $300.00 in donations. If we do not receive at least $300.00 in total donations. We are responsible for the difference.

THANK YOU again for everyone that have already donated. THANK YOU in advance for those of you that will be donating.
As much as Donations are very much needed and appreciated. Prayers and Support are just as much wanted, needed and appreciated.

All pledges are tax deductible.

The following is the electronic link that will take you directly to my donation sight for this years MS150.

You can also donate by check. Make checks payable to: National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Please if you donate by check, put my name, and/or e-mail address on the check so I will get credit for the donations....

George Elliott


For an accurate rider account, please mail all pledges to: Valero MS 150 National MS Society P.O. Box 4125 Houston, TX 77210
For correspondences with staff, please mail/deliver to: National MS Society, Lone Star Chapter 9830 Colonnade Blvd., Suite 130 San Antonio, Texas 78230


Thanks Again,

George Elliott

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