Monday, October 22, 2007

moving update

Yes, we're still planning to move, but we have SOOO much to get done!!
We're painting the inside of the house and planning to get some of the flooring replaced as well. The whole painting process has not been without its complications, but so far so good. The major part is done, leaving only the tedious, detailed work--cabinets, trim, insides of closets, bathrooms.
I was hoping to be able to jump right in and work along side my hubby, but for some reason my almost-six-month-old won't stay happy long enough for me to paint anything to completion. Of course, there's also Ryan who wants to "paint" too. Can you imagine the condition of things if he were to get hold of a paint brush. I shudder to think of it!!!
We have to have everything moved out of our storage by the 31st, or we have to pay for another month's rent. If you were watching us from afar, I fear we would look like crazed people right now, flying around trying futilely to accomplish everything!! :)
Just to show you how not on top of things I am, I haven't even started to consider going through things and packing things here at the house. Obviously, since we've been staying in my parent's house for the last year, we don't' have that much here to pack, but it is amazing to me how much stuff accumulates in a relatively short amount of time. Ryan's toy collection, for example, has grown exponentially since last June. I plan to go through them and donate them to a good cause (i.e. the trash or a garage sale) but you can only imagine the uproar that is causing. The thought that Mommy would give away my toys, even though I haven't played with half of them in who know how long!!!! Any suggestions here, people??? How do you separate a three-year old from his beloved collection without triggering a melt-down????
OK, I'm now being LOUDLY paged by Brandon. He's in dire need from the sound of his calling! Gotta run....more to come later, I hope.

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Cindy said...

you could bring some here so that when yall come he will have them to play with and maybe some at Erins. Let me know