Monday, January 15, 2007


We can say without any doubt that we are definitely having a boy.

I told Steven that I thought the baby was offended that mommy was still holding out some hope for a girl! He showed us nothing but that he was a BOY at this last sonogram-- definitely NOT a shy little boy! :o]

I realized some things the other night when I couldn't sleep (a regular occurence these days, it seems.)

First, my parents are leaving again in about two weeks. Time has flown by since they returned this time around! It's been good to have them home and I'll miss them like always.

Second, my best friend is marrying my cousin in less less than eight weeks. I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid...YIKESSSS!!!!! I have lots to do to get ready. My dress has to be made, shower plans have to be laid, gifts must be bought, etc, etc! Fun times indeed!!!

And last, but not least, the most important and shocking midnight realization--


I hadn't really thought about that until this week. There's so much to do still and so much else going on around me! I was a little overwhelmed for a while, but I know everything will get done that needs to get done.

My parents will be coming home the weekend before I'm supposed to be induced. Pray for them. They'll get back on a Friday morning, drive here to Coleman that day, and try to get enough rest to see them through the birth and all the subsequent excitement and activity that will follow. My mom is committed to helping me those first couple weeks, and she will really need her rest to keep up with Ryan full time while I recover!

So much going on these days!!! It's fun to think about, but I know that I need to kick it into gear if I'm going to be remotely ready to have this baby come into our lives and into our home!


Blake & Shaunna said...

Time IS passing quickly! So happy for you guys, and your new baby BOY:)

What a blessing!

PS- Oh don't worry...You weren't the only one who got their fair share of football in this weekend:)

Misty said...

So happy to see you so happy! We will continue to pray for you and this dear little one.

Rebekah said...

Thanks Misty. I heard that you're expecting again too. I hope that the morning sickness phase passes quickly! Vivian told me that you were really sick...I sympathize completely! We'll be praying for you as well.

Shaunna, I was glad to hear I wasn't the only wife who got to snuggle to football! haha

sarahdodson said...

Rebekah, it does seem like time has passed quickly. I can't believe how soon, Lord willing, your son will be coming to meet us! :) I just KNOW he's a sweet little guy.

And congrats to your best friend and cousin! I'm thrilled for them. You'll be a cute preggie in your dress:)

Cole said...

She WILL be cute in her purty dress!!!! :-) And the little guy knows that you love him despite that we hoped he was a girl. Someday we tease him about calling him a girl for the first few weeks of his utero life! Atlease I didnt go out and buy him any girlie clothes yet!!! haha I think then I would have to explain to him someday that I DID love him desipite the fact that I gave him pink clothes to wear! hahahaha

Yes and its just over 7 weeks now!!!! hehehe
I am so excited can you tell? I cant wait for you to see our home.
Hope you do get to come in for my other shower. :-D
Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy said...

So many exciting things, Rebekah! It's good.. you need some exciting things! We all do. Love you. See you soon, Lord willing. <3