Friday, April 28, 2006

In response to Jamie's Friday prompting...

The American Dream...
Well, I have read the responses from Once Dead Poet and from Michael Stone. I have to say the I agree with both of them!

The American Dream can be either detrimental or helpful. Our attitude towards our station in life, our "freedoms", our "rights" is determined solely by our heart.
The American Dream is the dream to be free, to be able to worship as you will, to be able to succeed in life, to advance in our jobs, to earn, save and use our money as we see fit. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with any of these things, our culture has become warped to the point that no longer are these freedoms wonderful, God-given opportunities, but they are seen as rights, to be obtained no matter the consequences to family values, Christian morals, and without any thought of anyone beside NUMBER ONE!
This is why I believe it all comes down to a heart issue. If we can truly see that all good things come down from the Father, we can accept the freedoms and opportunities we have in this country as a gift from Him. God is sovereign. He has chosen that each of us live in this country and be born during this time in history. I believe we have a duty to take advantage of what the Lord has provided us, to use it to the best of our abilities to glorify Him and spread His gospel to the world around us.
So, Miss Moore, these are my not so organized thoughts on the matter! Feel free to give me lots of feedback everyone! I enjoy reading and learning from others view points!

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