Friday, April 03, 2009

A long overdue NEWSY update!

We're still here!

We're adjusting to life living with someone else. Granted, it's my parents, so that makes it a bit easier; and we have done this before, but still, it's not OUR space, and there are always adjustments. I can definitely say that I'm looking forward to a place of our own as soon as we can swing it, but I'm also learning each day to be more content with where God has us for now. We're in waiting mode in this area and several others. I think the Lord is trying to teach me something!! :) I'm definitely not a patient person and don't like waiting and not KNOWING, but everyday, God is helping me to trust Him a little more. It's NOT easy, but He's helping me. I'm grateful for His patience with me!

Let's see...

The boys are doing great! I'd post a new picture, if only I could find my camera.

Ryan is four and full of questions, imagination and ENERGY!! The boy can talk your ear off...something to do with genes, maybe??? He loves everything to do with Star Wars, computer games and every moment spent with daddy! He and Steven put together a castle($3 marked down at Walmart--Grandpa indulged him!) last night. Only took them about three or four hours to figure it out, but he was wonderfully happy to just BE with daddy! He loves games--board games, computer games, outside games, anything that involves being with someone else. He's getting past the point of taking naps, (sniff, sniff!) so we've started quiet time. His newest interest is anything to do with planting and growing plants. Everyday, he goes outside to check the flowers to see if they are ready for him to cut and bring in to me! I love it!!! Grandma is going to show him how to plant flowers and vegetables maybe even starting tonight.

Brandon is almost two, only a few weeks left to be one. His favorite thing in the world is being outside with Grandpa, the "kitty," and the "orse"! (Our neighbor across the street has two horses.) He's definitely a BOY boy!!! He falls all the time, enough that I'm sad to say he's taking after his father and trying to get himself killed before he graduates high school! Last week alone we had two busted lips, two or three bumped heads and multiple other owies to take care of. If you can trip on it, he finds it. If you can fall over it, he finds it. I'm learning to just pick him up, wipe him off, kiss the owies and go on. For my own sanity's sake, I'm trying to remember he's hardheaded. He's finally starting to say some recognizable words, more every day. He loves to sing, at the top of his lungs while banging on the metal tray of his high chair--chaos often reigns when Ryan joins him!! Hilarious, but tends to give us headaches!!! We only take it in short bursts for obvious reasons, but it's so absolutely adorable!! Oh and his newest thing is his hat...he loves wearing it to the point that he wore it to bed the other night!!! :)

Our newest little boy is doing well from all the signs. He's moving more and more every day and getting stronger. I'm getting bigger, so I guess, either he's growing or I'm eating too much---maybe both??? :) Other than a few "normal" pregnancy complaints, I'm doing well. In some ways, this is turning out to be an easier pregnancy, now that we're past the complications. I don't have the intense back problems that I had with Ryan and Brandon--for that I'm very thankful.

Steven is wonderful as always--working hard to support us and make a future for our family. He's only had six regular pay checks this year, so we're learning a lot about cutting back and making due. Thankfully, the Lord granted him the wisdom to foresee these changes coming last year, and he implemented changes then to plan for and be ready for these leaner times. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to be married to such a man!! He's strong, but not overbearing. He's loving, but not a pushover. He has some wisdom when it comes to finances that have kept our family from being in real need over the last few years. I just love him so much!!! I can't believe sometimes that we've been together for ten years now, married for nearly nine. It's crazy!!!

Our life is in many ways turned on end right now, but we're closer as a family, learning to draw our strength from each other and from the Lord. It's has been and continues to be a rather difficult time, but God is also blessing us in the midst of the uncertainties and struggles. Like a gentle rain in summer, He refreshes us in other areas that keep us going in the face of hard times and hard decisions.

Until another quiet time to reflect...



cindywalker said...

How sweet!!!
They are both growing up to fast. I miss them so much and hope that they are enjoy spending time with your parents. Would love to see yall, hopfully we will see yall soon, Brandons may not remember us. Well tell them hello for me :)and that grandma loves them very much.
love yall

sarahdodson said...

Great update! Glad to hear you're enjoying your family :) I'm finding out just how fun boys are!

Heather said...

I can't believe they are so big already! WOW. I loved reading the update.