Friday, February 08, 2008

Doctor visits, eczema, ear infection, baby teeth and NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!

This is life as a mother.

Brandon's been "off" for over a week now. I've been fighting a losing battle with invasive eczema for months. Steven, who's had enough of me putting off going to the doctor for myself, told me in no uncertain terms to make appointments for both of us. (Thank you, honey, for making me take care of myself too!) So, with a 3:30PM and 7:00PM appointment, we left for Abilene yesterday afternoon. One hundred fifty dollars and nearly eight hours later, we were finally back home.

Brandon's evening appointment at the pediatric clinic included sitting in the waiting room for more than an hour, a diagnoses of another ear infection, and oh, the not-to-be-forgotten instructions on how to obtain a stool sample!! Yes, my poor, sweet baby is having tummy trouble that can't be easily explained. Not wanting to get into TMI territory, I'll leave it at that.

I, on the other hand, had a relatively painless appointment with a doctor I actually like! I do however have a condition that can't be "cured" by any means known to good AMA doctors. So, I was given three prescriptions. Even with insurance, one cost over $80!!! Now, I was all for just not getting it, but my husband, being the loving and caring man that he is, insisted that I get it since it will help with the constant itching and irritation on my scalp from the eczema. Ugh! Do you know how horrible it is to itch constantly??? I don't wish it on anyone.

Back to Brandon and our night together. I honestly don't know how many times I was up with him. I lost countafter the third or fourth time. I do know that I'M TIRED!!!! The little guy can barely breathe through the stuffy nose and was miserable most of the night with fever and pain from his ear, not to mention the tummy troubles. To round things off, I discovered that he's also cutting two top teeth right now!

So, to those of you out there who may think that motherhood is sissy stuff and stay-at-home moms "don't work", let me let you in on a secret. YOU'RE WRONG!!! Please understand that I wouldn't trade my life as a wife and mother for anything, but there aren't too many other occupations I know of that involve constant lack of sleep, absolutely NO time off, and requirements to be on-call 24/7. So, next time you see a tired mother with her hands full in the store, don't be critical. Consider offering a helping hand instead, remembering that you never know what her life is truly like until you've walked in her shoes!


Chad said...

Sorry to hear that you and Brandon aren't doing well. I hope things get better soon!Heather

Rebekah said...

Thanks, Heather! I know you're learning all about the joys and trials of motherhood too. I do hope to meet your little boy soon!

sarahdodson said...

Sounds like a rough day and night:( Hopefully you were able to catch up on some much needed sleep:) Sleep is a great thing, eh?

Cathy said...

When we first came to Canada, I was not very enthusiastic about socialized medicine. I'm still not totally for it, and there are a LOT of problems with the system, but last fall we had three sons in hospital care, two of them for over three days each. We would be sunk in debt way over our heads if we'd had to pay those bills ourselves. Yes, the cost of prescriptions is high (we have no insurance at all), but I thank God not to have those hospital bills!

One of the hospitalized sons is old enough to appreciate that taxes can be obnoxious, but he said he will never again complain about Canada's high taxes.

Cathy said...

Oh, and I can totally relate to what you're going through! This past fall and winter have been really rough on us health-wise. Our two youngest were both in hospital, in two different cities, at the same time with asthma aggravated by severe colds. I have not really been well since last September. Josiah was hospitalized with pneumonia and now uses a puffer occasionally for asthma. Everyone else has had more than their share of colds and flu. There are times when I get maybe 30 hours of sleep a week instead of the recommended 56-60!