Friday, May 18, 2007

My sons

There aren't words to express how very grateful I am to the Lord for giving me, not one, but two precious little boys to love and cherish.

I have read about several different families recently that have gone through terrible times of pain and grieving because of losing their sons to genetic disorders. Their stories have made me even more aware of how fleeting life is and how thankful we need to be for every minute God gives us to enjoy our children.

So, be thankful for every moment you have with those whom you love! We have no guarantees of tomorrow. We have no promises for a future here with our loved ones.

I am blessed to know that whatever tomorrow holds, I have a God that will carry me through and has promised to be with me every moment.

Ryan and Brandon, Mommy loves you with all her heart!

The LORD giveth, and the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the name of the LORD. ~JOB


sarahdodson said...

SO precious, Rebekah! What a tremendous blessing to see your two sons together:) How neat!!

It's wonderful when the Lord does "give."


Cole said...

And Auntie cole misses them and wants to see them so bad................

love you all

Aunt Mary said...

The Lord has truly been merciful to you and blessed you beyond measure. Sure do love those boys. Ryan looks so "Big Brotherly". Enjoy every moment!