Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm excited!

Only two days now until my precious parents are back home in the states! YAY!!!

It's been a trying few months without them here with us, but the Lord has been gracious and merciful through it all.

I'm looking forward to some personal time with them next week. I'm going to travel down to San Antonio and spend a few days with them before Thanksgiving, when all the family will show up! I'm excited about that too!! It'll be the first Thanksgiving in a few years that we will all be together to share the feast. Fun times I'm sure!


Blake & Shaunna said...

Family time is always great!! I'm looking forward to our Thanksgiving "feast" too! Hope you guys are doing well!!

sarahdodson said...

I'm so happy for you, Rebekah, getting to see your parents soon. I know you miss them so much. Don't you just love Thanksgiving?? I sure do. Cute picture! I imagine your parents really miss Ryan:(

Pearl said...

I think Thanksgiving is the best holiday of them all. Now that we live in Canada, we get to celebrate it twice. Tom and I were married on US Thanksgiving Day, so this holiday has special meaning for us.

And, yes, I know the date changes every year. Tom calls it a floating anniversary. We always celebrate on Thanksgiving Day regardless of the date.

Good to see the picture of your parents. Seven years hasn't seemed to change them a bit.

Rebekah said...

Thank you, ladies for your comments. I hope your time with famly around this holiday will be blessed!

Misty said...

Hey Rebekah
I am so excited that your parents are coming in. I know you must miss them so much while they are away with the Lord's work. We are leaving in the morning to head over your way(Texas), we too are looking foward to all the family being together. This is such a special time.

Emmie said...

This is the BEST time of the year for me! Thanks for the wonderful time at OLIVE Garden (NOW I know why they call it that! Just ask Ryan.... :) ). Love you special, girl!